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Literatura piękna i klasyczna 7 produktów Producent: DM Sorus Pearson Education Limited Wordsworth Editions

Rainmaker /CD gratis/, John Grisham

$450.99 $ 800
Contemporary / American English I have no job. I have no money. I have debts I can't pay. I do, however, have a case. Rudy Baylor is ready to finish law school but loses his first job before he...

The Red Badge of Courage (1993)

$450.99 $ 800
The Red Badge of Courage is one of the greatest war novels of all time. It reports on the American Civil War through the eyes of Henry Fleming, an ordinary farm boy turned soldier. It evokes the...

The Way We Live Now (9781853262555)

$450.99 $ 800
The tough-mindedness of the social satire in and its air of palpable integrity give this novel a special place in Anthony Trollope's Literary career. Trollope paints a picture as panoramic as...

The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner (274 str.)

$450.99 $ 800
James Hogg's "The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner" is a Scottish classic, a quintessentially Gothic tale of psychological horror, and a relentless attack on...

The Iliad and the Odyssey (9781840221176)

$450.99 $ 800
Hector bidding farewell to his wife and baby son, Odysseus bound to the mast listening to the Sirens, Penelope at the loom, Achilles dragging Hector\'s body round the walls of Troy - scenes...

Bleak House - Charles Dickiens, Charles Dickens

$450.99 $ 800
"Bleak House" is Charles Dickens' masterful assault on the injustices of the British legal system. This "Penguin Classics" edition is edited with an introduction and notes by...

Róża na chodniku (9788363768393)

$450.99 $ 800
Róża na chodniku opowiada historię spektakularnej miłości Polaka i Bośniaczki, przedstawiając w tle okrucieństwo i bezsens wojny domowej w Jugosławii z lat 90. XX wieku. Tytuł jest nieprzypadkowy –...
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